Well I see you finally made it to my planet so stick around and don't forget to sign my guestbook. I hope you enjoy...

As you can guess I go by SunRayz. My net family is the Mysteries! Where to begin there is so many of us*thinking*...
*LOL* Well we travel in packs so usually where one is we all are!!!!*S*
To my sisters: Turtledove, Gorgeous, Devine1, Blonde, Princess CG, , Kayasha, Sweet Nevada Kim, Couterbear, Gorgeous and Isis who I have yet to meet*HUGEAZZHUGZ* To my brothers and bro-in-laws: Tetu', Nightfall, Osiris, Sliver Knight, Eros, , Nocturnal Flower aka Aramis, Evil Teddy Bear and last but not least my twin Hamlit.*S* And to the Hallmarkers...Turtledove is apart of that family so that makes us all cousins...I don't know all of them...But to the ones that I do know... Love ya all and thanks for everything.
I would also like to thank Devine1 cuz without her this page would not be!*LOL* I am lucky she wasn't here to throw my comp out the door!*LMAO* Still waiting to get my money back from my server!*LOL*
Also would like to say hi and hugz for my friends: PhilipNorth, Hatz, Hunk, Babygirl, Peanut, Groovy, Shockmaann, Tymick. If there is anyone who I forgot...Please let me know and I will add you as soon as possible.

Well last but not least....The love of my life....Darin...We met online...in Chat Central and well things have been going ever since....I am in the process of moving to the states to live with him and his daughter in Lancaster Ohio.

Luv you Babe...the last couple months have been rough...but we will get threw it...
*hugz and sweet kisses*


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